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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Magsoltech,

    Thanks for posting.

    As you do not have the Accelerator tracks yet, you could simply work with the physical sensations.

    Ask yourself:

    “How do I know I am stressed?”

    Wait for what comes up. There will be a pattern to it. It could be the feeling that informs you that you are stressed. You could then ATTACH the feeling to times when you have felt like this because….there will be a pattern to it.

    You could then ask: “When do I feel stressed?”

    There will be certain triggers for this or certain conditioned responses for the stress. Do you feel stressed when asked to do certain things, or around certain people? Do you feel stressed in certain places or when you do or don't do certain things?

    You will spot the patterns, if you spend time on this.

    Then, you could follow the regular PSTEC CT protocol  – “stress when I am asked to take on a project”, “stress around my in-laws”, “stress when looking for work.”

    These are just examples, but hopefully will illustrate what I mean (e.g. patterns).

    Then see how you get on with that.

    Please keep us updated.


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