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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Magsoltech,

    Thanks for your post and for updating us on your progress. It is great to learn of the progress you are making.

    With regards to the memories being audio-only, I would encourage you to not see it as a stumbling block. It may feel like that but, in actual fact, your subconscious mind is just presenting you with memories in a particular modality. It is trying to keep you safe, of course, and is gifting something to your conscious mind that can be dissolved and resolved.

    Which particular sounds are you hearing?

    Are you hearing a critical voice (e.g. family member, friend, someone who disliked you)?

    Are any words being spoken? Phrases?

    What is the tone, pitch, volume and speed of the audio memories?

    Which feelings are you able to evoke when the memories come up?

    I would recommend making a note of all components of the audio memories.

    Bundle it all together using the Wrapper.

    Then, as you bring up the memories and try to feel the feelings, I would recommend running the medium or long version of CT 2015. You can mix these up, should you need to run the track more than once.

    Make the audio as loud as possible. If there is a critical voice present, make it the most critical you could ever imagine.

    That would be a really good start and I would expect that this will knock this particular pattern out: you'd be meeting this “head on.”

    Please keep us updated.

    Paul :D

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