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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Magsoltech,

    Thanks for your message.

    I appreciate you are feeling very anxious about your upcoming interview. There does not have to be a historical cause, per se, as you know you have an interview and you feel anxious.

    Conceptually, this would be “anxiety about interviews”, “anxiety about being judged” or even “anxiety about performance.” Perhaps it is a fusion of these concepts and other thoughts, concepts and feelings.

    Just work with what you know and with how you feel. You can also try the following aspects:

    – Bring up the anxiety as much as you can

    – If it's a job interview, imagine not getting the job.

    – Imagine stumbling over your words or fumbling over the answers in the interview.

    – Imagine not doing as well as you know you are capable of doing, and not giving the best impression of yourself.

    – Imagine being judged harshly in the interview: stern looks, harsh tone of voice from the interviewer, critical appraisal etc.

    Even without this, just think of “upcoming interview” and let the anxiety bubble to the surface.

    Then, after rating this from 0-10, I would recommend that you Click Track the emotions from the event. Try hard to feel the feelings/emotions. Keep going with this until you get to a 0 or1.

    You can also get tremendous results with PSTEC Positive Extra Power (, as you can layer in some great suggestions for the interview…and how you feel during it.

    Crucially, with this track, the suggestions do need to resonate with you, have to match what you want and have to feel both positive and achievable.

    If you have this track, the following suggestions may be very effective for you:

    “At the interview, I will be calm and confident”

    “When I am asked a question, I feel at ease”

    “Maybe this interview is a chance for me to deliver my best”

    “No matter what happens during the interview, I will be cool”

    Please let us know how you get on with that, Magsoltech.

    All the best,


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