Reply To: Using PEP – Journey version

Evan Bageris

      Hi Brian,  First and foremost,  I believe you are a wonderful asset to this community. Your ingenuity, creativity, and amazing persistence along with incredible insights that are in part due to the aforementioned characteristics, at least in part.  So thank you and congratulations on your success. 
        This may sound nit picky but I think it is important to point out that although you give an honest answer to the question asked, it seems a little irresponsible to me. I say this because ttis question has come up before and the answer was agreed upon each time.  The journey is unrelated to the statement,  and it seems to me that there may be any number of reasons for this.  Apparently it does work when you visualize the path to your goal,  but you are an expert and only one person, so there is not much we can derive from your experience.  But even if it does work better,  learning the Pstec protocols by following the directions exactly as they are stated from day one seems to bring the best results.  Adding nuances and/or experimenting certainly has it’s place but there is room for that while doing exactly what Tim states.  As an expert, you also have license to play around with other ideas but I think a good rule of thumb is unless you are sure you know better than Tim what makes the tracks he designed work,  stick fervently to the ‘rules.’
        Saying what you do is wonderful,  but not answering the question.  I hope that comes across as intended,  with nothing but respect for you and for Pstec and the community.  Thanks.