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Adam Goltz

    BLOCKED SYSTEMS: EXAMPLESIf you or I were to visually recall an unpleasant experience from ourpast, we would probably begin to experience some unpleasant feelings.You might pause now.. .and remember some past trauma; see it as clearlyas possible…and now become aware of feelings that match what you are”seeing.” Since you are aware of the connection between what you are”seeing” and what you are “feeling,” you have several choices that willchange your feelings. You could stop the pictures, or change them tosomething that is pleasurable, or remind yourself that it is in the past andyou survived it. But the individual who is seeing something painful,without the ability to “know” that they are “seeing” it, has a painfulproblem. That person will become aware of their painful feelings, butwill have no idea from whence they come. Without that awareness, s/hehas little or no control over what s/he will continue to experienceconsciously!The individual whose visual system is out of conscious, or whoclaims that they cannot get visual images, is someone who, during someperiod of their life, was forced to, or accidentally saw things that lookedvery scary and caused a great deal of pain. To protect themselves fromthat pain, they brought down a mental curtain over those (visual) memo-ries, and, in effect, produced amnesia for those events—at least in thevisual experience. Those pictures from the past are going on internally,but that person is afraid to see them. To avoid looking at these painfulimages, they block out “seeing” any pictures.

    Hello Paul,

    I've included the excerpt I was talking about in my initial post.

    I've tried blasting your suggested beliefs. I've did lists with the wrappers 2015 of anger, fear, etc. I do my best in thinking about them but since I can't see I taking on faith that I am actually going through them in my head lol.