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Brian Tucker

    As an experiment you might try loading these suggestions using pstec positive or better yet extra positive a few times. Be sure to CT any frustration or impatience around not being able to remember things down as far as you can.

    “I want to remember what happened that caused me to block out my past”
    “From now on it's safe to remember my past”
    “I can start remembering what happened in my past now”
    “From now on I will be able to easily remember what happened in my past”
    “Every day I will recall more about what happened in my past”
    “All of my problem memories and feelings are in my past and harmless”
    “Its good for me to remember my past”
    “My ability to remember the past will be amazing”
    “My memory gets better every day”

    Listen to relaxing accelerator and imagine/feeling so good and excited you can remember all of this stuff.

    Let it sit for a week or two and let us know what you experience.