Reply To: Blood pressure and White Coat Syndrome


    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your suggestions. I have now bought PSTEC LEVEL 1 and PSTEC Positive Extra Power and PSTEC secrets….!
    So now I have a couple of questions please and then I'm sure I'll be ready to try out some ideas.
    Firstly, in Secrets Tim refers to EEF's being available on PSTEC 1 and the need to utilize these but I cannot see any reference to them on the downloads. Are they Click Tracks 3 and 4 and would you advise using these in addition or alternating with Tracks 1 and 2?
    Then Tim seems to imply that you should not use the Positive Extra tracks unless you have cleared the anxiety. In my case, my anxiety is still there (hence this forum question). Specifically I have been triggering myself by putting the BP monitor on at the start of the click track but by the end there is virtually no difference in my anxiety.
    Above you seem to suggest I use the Power Extra track to suggest a lower BP even though there is anxiety. What would you advise?
    Lastly, as I think I have explained my BP now goes stratospheric even when I put a BP monitor on as well as I am in the Doc's. When I get round to using the positive tracks I'm thinking of using 'Whenever my blood pressure is taken it will be normal.' Is this wording OK or can it be improved?
    I do hope this is all clear and I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Stephen