Reply To: Meta beliefs


    Hi Truman,

    Thanks for your post.

    With PSTEC, the mind model is constructed from emotions, beliefs and behaviours/habits.

    You can change the model by neutralising the emotions, eliminating unwanted beliefs and installing positive behaviours. Eliminating the appropriate beliefs will, in turn, affect emotions and behaviours. Similarly, if you neutralise unwanted emotions from people, events and memories…this would also impact your beliefs and behaviours. They all work together and changing one will have an impact on the other.

    Once the tipping point is reached, your mind model will be dramatically altered. It is a natural by-product of this work and some changes can happen within a single session, while others may take a little bit longer to show up. It just depends on what you are aiming towards and how much work your subconscious mind is required to do.

    You could get into the meta-patterns, or assume that you are “losing time.” It is not really so much about that, but rather a case of “spotting your emotional and behavioural patterns” and then finding out which beliefs and conditions are feeding into the mind model.

    So, for example, you can flesh this out. “Fear of speaking up in meetings” is an example of a pattern, but beliefs like “What I have to say is unimportant” or “People aren't interested in my opinions” might feed into that. They would invariably create an emotion and manifest in an avoidant behaviour, so the various PSTEC tools can address this pattern systematically.

    I am not sure what work you have done so far. However, if you have a feeling that you are not social enough, ask “what would someone have to believe to not feel social enough?”

    See what comes up. Any beliefs or feelings coming to mind?

    I am not sure what protocols you have followed, but I recommend starting your journey with the Click Tracks. 

    Check to see if you have any feelings about not being social enough. Check whether there are any situations you have been avoiding in the social realm – talking to people you don't know, for instance. Perhaps it just a feeling of unease when out in public.

    If you could advise me which specific outcomes you are wishing to achieve and which issues (as you see them) you wish to resolve, I will give a more personalised response.



    Thanks paul, now i understand a little bit better.

    So, in positive pstec i could just use the inverse belief from which i already have,

    I.E. People are not interested in spending time with me,


    People are interested in spending time with me

    And, adding to that.. I AM interested in spending time with people (just in case that im projecting beliefs)

    And tap on both things, right?