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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Truman,

    Yes, that is one way to do it, but I would recommend scaling this. That is my preferred method. Neutralise your unwanted emotions and eliminate the appropriate beliefs…and then suggest new beliefs and behaviours.

    I would recommend making a list of unwanted beliefs that contribute to the emotional and behavioural pattern and, using Belief Blasters (, eliminate those beliefs from your mind model.

    This would be very liberating and, on its own, can have a profound impact on your experience of life.

    You could then use PSTEC Positive Extra Power to install the opposite beliefs.

    So, you could eliminate “People don't like me” and install “People do like me.” Neither belief is objectively “true”, as we cannot test our likeability by checking in with 7 billion people. However, this would increase your “likeability factor.”

    You will find other beliefs that contribute to the pattern. If you had a belief like “People aren't interested in spending time with me”, what would you have to believe about yourself?

    Whichever beliefs show up here (e.g “I'm not interesting”) can be eliminated and then you can install the opposite beliefs and layer them in gradually. Instead of eliminating something like “I am boring” and countering with “I am highly interesting”, it might prove a better strategy to work up to that. So, you could start with “I can be very interesting”, “I have lots of interesting things to say” and “Maybe I can show people how engaging I am.”

    Also, as you mentioned, it would prove beneficial to hold positive “people beliefs.”  So, is there anything negative that you currently believe about people? Common beliefs in this realm might be “People can't be trusted” or “People are dangerous.” You may have these, you may have others, but I suspect you will have some.

    Again, work with the Click Tracks too. Think of anything from your past that you wish hadn't happened, see if any unwanted emotions (fear, anger, sadness etc.) are attached and neutralise those emotions. See also: anything you imagine in the future. No pressure here, as I am confident some events and memories may take a while to resurface.

    I hope that helps. Please keep us updated on your progress.

    Paul  :)

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