Reply To: Masculine intent & Action taking


Hey guys thank you for sharing. Really insightful stuff here. I've tried everything you described.

Surprisingly enough last night I ended up in bed with 4 women I've never met before (we didn't have sex but we sleeped together, yeah I know it sounds weird)

I'm still using alcohol to soft my social nervousness or anxiety but last night I was really flowing and connecting and having fun with women.

I'm still having a hard time escalating and showing sexual intention in my interactions (touch, tone of voice, etc). I am able to take the lead and tell women what to do with rapport but I lack sexual awareness and intent. I even talk about sex openly with women in a verbal way, but lacks the emotion behind it.

I think I am afraid of being sexually rejected or offend women (the whole anti-sexual harassment movement also made me more afraid of making moves)

I am also afraid of escalating interactions with women like compromising and asking them out. I expect them to be interested, instead of showing interest first.

My affirmations during clicktrack 2015 are based on wants.


I want to be recognized

I want to be seen

I want to be needed

That's enough or should I tap even more deeper?