Reply To: Masculine intent & Action taking


    Hi guys. thanks for the reply.

    i'am CTing the wants away, not installing them.

    my current situation is that i am alone in a new city and i am dealing with lots of co dependent emotional habits to relate to people.

    ive noticed that i feel extasis when i get people's approval and feel like shit when people get distant or dont reply my texts.

    ive been tapping on these things for a week now but i would like to know a cleaner way to let go these codependent habits which seem to be hardwired in my unconscious.

    things like ejecting from interactions when i am getting approval before “i fuck it up” etc. and staying a lot of my time in the hotel because i feel alone and i have no one to go out with.

    these habits are from childhood and i would like to know if there's any efficient road to clean them in a more powerful way, because tapping on isolated events like “i'll fuck up the interaction” gets me to the emotion that i want to let go (which is a shallow issue) but statements like “i need people's approval” not so much (which seems to be at the core)