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Brian Tucker

    Hi Scott – I believe it was originally meant for therapist only though you can easily use it for self-help too.

    There are two tracks in the package designed for just that which have the clicks and Tim's voice on the recordings.

    It is so simple to use and powerful WOW is it ever.

    I will say that I found it is most effective when you think back about a given emotion as far back as you can remember having it. Go all the way back as far as you can remember and go through your timeline of life all the times you can remember this while you are playing the tracks. Probably start with parents, family members, school mates, teachers, friends, girlfriends, spouse, work, money etc anything you can consciously come up with even be sure to add in a worse case imagined event about the feeling and really make it BAD as if it has actually happened, the end result.

    And of course really really feel the feelings hard and they may slightly vary along the way. If new memories come in along the way in the second track that's normal and ok too. Anything that comes up just scan it all in as you go.

    I have used it several times in one day on different events. My experience with the releasing of emotions afterwards has ranged from none to little to intense depending on the problem and what else is connected to it that collapses along with it as a result.

    Here is a great forum post by Jeff