Reply To: Women, Rejection and Beauty

Brian Tucker

    Hi Truman – Something is going on with my ability to post long blocks of text on the forum. Here are some high-level thoughts where you can start. You might consider working with a PSTEC practitioner.

    I supposse this is a very common theme.

    I am under the illussion that the more beautiful women are, the more probable is that they're not going to be interested in me.

    Which becomes a self fulfilling belief

    Imagine this in a worst case scenario with the most beautiful woman you can imagine rejecting you and then clicktrack until gone.

    Another more powerful approach would be to imagine the above along with any times this has happened to you in the past as far back as you can remember while you run the 2015 wrapper track. So this way you have a nice history + worse case future event. Wrap it all up into one big bundle and clicktrack it until gone.

    Also I get the sense that women choose men based on what is his possition in any given social hierarchy of dominance.

    Clicktrack this feeling – again worse case scenario you can imagine as if the woman has actually done this to you.

    I feel like an outsider and I get continuous evidence that women seem to be interested in leaders of men in small groups or men that are admired in any given social group. Not in men outside social hierarchies (because this ideal of batman or clint eastwood seem to be a fantasy).

    Slow this all down and clicktrack each piece of it. Again using the worse case imagined scenario as if it's happened.