Reply To: Biggest Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned With PSTEC

Brian Tucker

    Clicktracks (Free Basic, EEF, 2015)
    When you are running the tracks you simply can’t try hard enough to feel the feeling. The harder the better. If you think you are really, really trying hard, try harder and if you think that’s hard try even harder yet.

    The harder you focus and try on a given feeling, the more your subconscious knows where to pinpoint the specific memories with the feelings. Again, TRY HARD the whole time. You may be directed by the subconscious mind to events, memories and issues that you may not think are related to the proble memories that happened long before the problem you are currently working on. It is all tied together and is the sum of the whole. Write any other people or events that come up and do them next.

    The two biggest emotions to clear first and continually anytime it comes up in your journey would always be frustration and impatience.

    Remove any and all forms of anger you can possibly eradicate from your life.

    When clearing any given feeling it is great to use past, present and worst case imagined future events. – It is a good idea to use a combination of all three. A powerful way to clear with PSTEC is to imagine the worst scenario of what “could” happen or “couldn’t happen” and clear what you feel about that extreme scenario so that you are impartial.

    2015 Wrapper track use prior to clicktracking – I have found the wrapper track far more effective when you can use a big sample of events over the span of your life as far back as you can possibly remember, through the course of your life when you felt that way and finally worse case (as bad as it could be) future event. This will wrap the entire pattern up and make it easy to collapse.