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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      Hey hey 2017 was an amazing year of learning and continued freedom from the past. So much support from the community here I thought I would give back by sharing my biggest discoveries in using the various PSTEC tracks. Of course Tim says it’s important to not intellectualize with PSTEC but to simply follow the instructions for best results. Here are some things that really helped me get a little more mileage out of the tracks.

      This resource is an aggregation of info from around the web including the PSTEC forum and some.I discovered along the way.

      Encourage other forum users to contribute anything they have.

      General info:

      Don't skip the intros on the tracks no matter how many times you have listened to them.

      You can tap with your hands on one run and then your feet on the next for a little more power when you need it.

      PSTEC works with past, present and worst case imagined future events. – It is a good idea to use a combination of all three. A powerful way to clear with PSTEC is to imagine the worst scenario of what “could” happen or “couldn’t happen” and clear what you feel about that extreme scenario so that you are impartial.

      For the most part it is all about the feeling (emotion) either bad feelings (emotions to neutralize) or good feelings (new positive feelings). A common mistake is when someone believes they must feel the feeling during the CT, but that is not important.  Many people do feel the feeling and that's fine, but what Tim instructs is to TRY HARD… TRY HARD AS YOU CAN … to feel the feeling.  Big difference and pivotal as well.

      The tracks will work more effectively if you have to really focus on tapping in sync with the tones as well as your chosen feeling and/or statement, just letting Tim's voice “fill in” the background.

      If you're just starting out with PSTEC you will find the first week or two could be very painful mentally and physically.

      From a PSTEC user: When I started I thought I was losing my mind. I thought I was going to end up in a hospital. I feel awkward and scared of what was happening. This is normal. It's a shock to your brain and it's the mind changing. The emotions coming out like can be like flood. One day you will feel like punching things, the next you feel like crying for no reason. Find where they are coming from and eliminate them. It's all part of the process. Remain calm and go with the flow and understand it’s all part of the process. You want to get rid of the negative emotions right? You aren't crazy it's just part of facing the past. More on this here:

      You may often also feel exhausted. Very normal! You are working a giant muscle in your body (brain) and also physically releasing decades of emotional trauma from your muscles.

      Often times after you have been releasing emotions and “shifting” after a PSTEC session, you may notice that you can often bring these into your present reality. You could feel very emotional, hopeless and most of all any sort of anger. It will either pass and/or you can clear it.

      Change is only consciously experienced as a tipping point is reached. Because of tipping points, people can be on the very brink of success and not realize it at all.  That is NOT the time to give up! 

      Because of the existence of tipping points, when things look the most hopeless, you are often very close to a breakthrough. 

      For this reason, if you're working through a lot of stuff, be persistent and maintain a positive expectancy of success. You will reach and move through the tipping

      Many online sources – especially the panic attack audio that comes with the free basic click tracks – suggest 2-3 runs of the clicktracks a day. This is plenty to get started and especially If you have any sort of anxiety. Doing too much PSTEC can exasperate your anxiety when it is used too much due to the amount of emotions releasing and shifting going on. Over time and as you become more familiar with yourself and more aware of how PSTEC works and what is going on in you, you may be able slowly ramp that up. I have also found that the 2015 clicktracks are far more forgiving than the basic and eef clicktracks. They are more “gentle” in the way that they work and release and more powerful. Therefore they can be used more heavily ongoing. Some people prefer the basic and eef. Each person is different.

      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        Clicktracks (Free Basic, EEF, 2015)
        When you are running the tracks you simply can’t try hard enough to feel the feeling. The harder the better. If you think you are really, really trying hard, try harder and if you think that’s hard try even harder yet.

        The harder you focus and try on a given feeling, the more your subconscious knows where to pinpoint the specific memories with the feelings. Again, TRY HARD the whole time. You may be directed by the subconscious mind to events, memories and issues that you may not think are related to the proble memories that happened long before the problem you are currently working on. It is all tied together and is the sum of the whole. Write any other people or events that come up and do them next.

        The two biggest emotions to clear first and continually anytime it comes up in your journey would always be frustration and impatience.

        Remove any and all forms of anger you can possibly eradicate from your life.

        When clearing any given feeling it is great to use past, present and worst case imagined future events. – It is a good idea to use a combination of all three. A powerful way to clear with PSTEC is to imagine the worst scenario of what “could” happen or “couldn’t happen” and clear what you feel about that extreme scenario so that you are impartial.

        2015 Wrapper track use prior to clicktracking – I have found the wrapper track far more effective when you can use a big sample of events over the span of your life as far back as you can possibly remember, through the course of your life when you felt that way and finally worse case (as bad as it could be) future event. This will wrap the entire pattern up and make it easy to collapse.

        Brian Tucker
        PSTEC User


          Tapping accelerator: Best advice for this is the “why technique” as always TRY REALLY HARD to feel the feeling.
          Do not end a session with a taping accelerator. I find that I have all sorts of stuff pouring out when I do.

          Relaxing Accelerator: These make a HUGE difference in power, speed and ease of clearing and recall.
          Listen to the relaxing accelerator for one week before you start the “why technique”

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            PSTEC Positive/Positive Extra

            Softening, progressing and stacking your positive suggestions can make a massive difference in how you use these. E.g.

            I am successful vs. I can be a little more successful now and/or I will be a little more successful every day.  The typical suggestion is immediately rejected where you can see the later suggestions here are already for the most part believable so your sub will instantly accept it. Examples of softening words.

            choose to

            PSTEC Positive Secrets is a great way to learn how to dive deeper into ways to build your suggestions for the most power.

            When you are installing your suggestions using the clicktracks really try hard to feel the good feeling as you imagine was success looks like.

            Journey (non-tapping track) although the instructions say to imagine going on a “journey” I have good success with an alternative approach of simply feeling and imagining what success feels like. Maybe it will work for you, maybe it won’t.'journey'-track/msg3738/#msg3738

            Don’t install too many positive statements in a day. It can make you a bit wacky feeling.

            Brian Tucker
            PSTEC User

              No More Anger/No More Anxiety

              I believe that every person on this planet could benefit from No More Anger.

              I also believe that every person on this planet could benefit from listening to No More Anxiety for 90-120 days whether they have anxiety or not.

              While listening to these tracks, really focus on what’s being said – don’t let the words wash over you.

              Just like any other track, focus on the feelings really, really hard. For anger focus on a few incidents and really feel them. For Anxiety pick one or two and really feel them the entire time. Often times the tracks in themselves will release it. Again, past, present and worse case imagines future events.
              Listening more than once a day to these can be really intense. Stick with one play a day.

              Brian Tucker
              PSTEC User

                Belief Blasters

                Try as hard as you possibly can to believe what you are saying is true. Try really hard. If you want to really get unstuck and move forward with clearing limited beliefs you can review one approach here:

                Once the belief is gone you can install a positive suggestion with PSTEC Positive/Positive Extra to replace it. Often times I will install 1 or 2 softened positive beliefs and that's all it takes.

                Brian Tucker
                PSTEC User

                  Cascade Release

                  As with the other tracks TRY HARD TO FEEL THE FEELING. The harder the better.

                  Run the track once only on one issue per day. If you want to run it a second time a few days later on that same issue that's ok. (you probably won't need to)

                  You can run it on more than one issue per day though be aware you could be a little wacky for a day or so as things collapse, shift and release.

                  I have found Cascade Release volumes more effective when you can use a big sample of events over the span of your life as far back as you can possibly remember, through the course of your life when you felt that way and finally worse case (as bad as it could be) future event. This will take the pattern out and anything attached to it.

                  When you run the second track if other things pop in your mind associated with that feeling that you suddenly remember, that's ok just focus on them for a few seconds when they come in.


                  PSTEC User

                    GREAT resource.  Thanks, Brian.  Sometimes it can be difficult to sort between all the PSTEC products and the best way to use them for maximum effect.

                    Scott Lambert
                    PSTEC User

                      Thank you for taking the time to put this resource together Brian. It was exactly what I came to find out today!

                      Paul McCabe
                      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                        Great stuff, Brian. Thank you so much.

                        Since you asked, I would also contribute the following:

                        1) Accept that, no matter how you wish to feel or what you wish to accomplish with PSTEC or in your lifetime, accept that you are not the finished article and feel good about that. Life is not a race and you can always grow, develop and change in various ways throughout your lifetime.

                        2) There is no “one way.” There are many ways to get where you want with PSTEC (e.g. the use and variation of the tracks), and we are all unique. Experiment with the different tracks and find YOUR way. Also accept that your way may change as you change.

                        3) Consistency, variety and focus are key: the people who experience the most profound changes with PSTEC use the tracks frequently and with intention. Also, mixing up the various tracks can be extremely beneficial so that you don't become “habituated” to the patterns of the tracks.

                        4) Belief Blasters – This is not mentioned in the instructions but, when doing self-help, I recommend saying the belief out loud to see if it feels true or resonates in anyway. I also recommend writing the belief down on a piece of paper. Consider how the belief has impacted you in your experiences too. How has it contributed to your behavioural and emotional pattern? This approach just allows you to connect with the belief.

                        5) The power of YET. Some people simply give up because after one or two plays of the Click Track they have not become Superman or Wonder Woman. This sort of urgency may impede progress and is a perfectionism pattern. Tellingly, giving up too soon stops people from realising tremendous possibilities, personal changes in perception and a sense of ongoing fulfilment. Consciously telling yourself “I am not there yet”, as opposed to “I will never get there”, is a more empowering context and keeps you on-track.

                        6) Experiment once you are fully familiar with the tracks and have gotten positive results with PSTEC: you may gain new distinctions and perspectives by tinkering with the PSTEC tracks, so please remain open and please share your discoveries with us  ;)

                        7) Be open to asking us or working with a PSTEC practitioner. It can save so much time and can alert you to patterns, protocols and distinctions you may have overlooked.

                        8) Eliminate embarrassment. In certain cultues, it's not considered OK to not feel OK and people are encouraged to “grin and bear it”, “keep your chin up” and “don't gripe.” So, it is possible that embarrassment about being or feeling a certain way can arise. This can be borne from a fear of negative judgement and show up as “people may think less of me if they knew I felt/thought that.”

                        If you feel ANY embarrassment about having a fear, thought, belief or behaviour,  useful starting point can be to Click Track the embarrassment.

                        Some people may feel embarrassed about doing therapy or pursuing self-help, and this can be socially conditioned. Click Track this until it is gone. It is enormously freeing.

                        9) If you have “can't be bothered” type feelings or are feeling a bit “meh”, this can be a great opportunity to use the Click Tracks.

                        10) Click Track as you go… Basically, if you experience an upset or an unwanted emotion, run one of the Click Tracks as close as possible to the event. This can have tremendous efficacy as the feelings will be very visceral and you will immediately feel.the changes. Also, any upset is probably linked to a pattern and extinguishing these little flames as they come up can ultimately take care of the whole fire.

                        Just my two cents and by no means an exhaustive list.


                        Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


                        Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

                        Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

                        Skype, Zoom, in-person & phone sessions available…

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