Reply To: Biggest Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned With PSTEC

Brian Tucker

    PSTEC Positive/Positive Extra

    Softening, progressing and stacking your positive suggestions can make a massive difference in how you use these. E.g.

    I am successful vs. I can be a little more successful now and/or I will be a little more successful every day.  The typical suggestion is immediately rejected where you can see the later suggestions here are already for the most part believable so your sub will instantly accept it. Examples of softening words.

    choose to

    PSTEC Positive Secrets is a great way to learn how to dive deeper into ways to build your suggestions for the most power.

    When you are installing your suggestions using the clicktracks really try hard to feel the good feeling as you imagine was success looks like.

    Journey (non-tapping track) although the instructions say to imagine going on a “journey” I have good success with an alternative approach of simply feeling and imagining what success feels like. Maybe it will work for you, maybe it won’t.'journey'-track/msg3738/#msg3738

    Don’t install too many positive statements in a day. It can make you a bit wacky feeling.