Reply To: Biggest Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned With PSTEC

Brian Tucker

    Cascade Release

    As with the other tracks TRY HARD TO FEEL THE FEELING. The harder the better.

    Run the track once only on one issue per day. If you want to run it a second time a few days later on that same issue that's ok. (you probably won't need to)

    You can run it on more than one issue per day though be aware you could be a little wacky for a day or so as things collapse, shift and release.

    I have found Cascade Release volumes more effective when you can use a big sample of events over the span of your life as far back as you can possibly remember, through the course of your life when you felt that way and finally worse case (as bad as it could be) future event. This will take the pattern out and anything attached to it.

    When you run the second track if other things pop in your mind associated with that feeling that you suddenly remember, that's ok just focus on them for a few seconds when they come in.