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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Great stuff, Brian. Thank you so much.

    Since you asked, I would also contribute the following:

    1) Accept that, no matter how you wish to feel or what you wish to accomplish with PSTEC or in your lifetime, accept that you are not the finished article and feel good about that. Life is not a race and you can always grow, develop and change in various ways throughout your lifetime.

    2) There is no “one way.” There are many ways to get where you want with PSTEC (e.g. the use and variation of the tracks), and we are all unique. Experiment with the different tracks and find YOUR way. Also accept that your way may change as you change.

    3) Consistency, variety and focus are key: the people who experience the most profound changes with PSTEC use the tracks frequently and with intention. Also, mixing up the various tracks can be extremely beneficial so that you don't become “habituated” to the patterns of the tracks.

    4) Belief Blasters – This is not mentioned in the instructions but, when doing self-help, I recommend saying the belief out loud to see if it feels true or resonates in anyway. I also recommend writing the belief down on a piece of paper. Consider how the belief has impacted you in your experiences too. How has it contributed to your behavioural and emotional pattern? This approach just allows you to connect with the belief.

    5) The power of YET. Some people simply give up because after one or two plays of the Click Track they have not become Superman or Wonder Woman. This sort of urgency may impede progress and is a perfectionism pattern. Tellingly, giving up too soon stops people from realising tremendous possibilities, personal changes in perception and a sense of ongoing fulfilment. Consciously telling yourself “I am not there yet”, as opposed to “I will never get there”, is a more empowering context and keeps you on-track.

    6) Experiment once you are fully familiar with the tracks and have gotten positive results with PSTEC: you may gain new distinctions and perspectives by tinkering with the PSTEC tracks, so please remain open and please share your discoveries with us  ;)

    7) Be open to asking us or working with a PSTEC practitioner. It can save so much time and can alert you to patterns, protocols and distinctions you may have overlooked.

    8) Eliminate embarrassment. In certain cultues, it's not considered OK to not feel OK and people are encouraged to “grin and bear it”, “keep your chin up” and “don't gripe.” So, it is possible that embarrassment about being or feeling a certain way can arise. This can be borne from a fear of negative judgement and show up as “people may think less of me if they knew I felt/thought that.”

    If you feel ANY embarrassment about having a fear, thought, belief or behaviour,  useful starting point can be to Click Track the embarrassment.

    Some people may feel embarrassed about doing therapy or pursuing self-help, and this can be socially conditioned. Click Track this until it is gone. It is enormously freeing.

    9) If you have “can't be bothered” type feelings or are feeling a bit “meh”, this can be a great opportunity to use the Click Tracks.

    10) Click Track as you go… Basically, if you experience an upset or an unwanted emotion, run one of the Click Tracks as close as possible to the event. This can have tremendous efficacy as the feelings will be very visceral and you will immediately feel.the changes. Also, any upset is probably linked to a pattern and extinguishing these little flames as they come up can ultimately take care of the whole fire.

    Just my two cents and by no means an exhaustive list.


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