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Brian Tucker

    Thank you very much for your reply.  I'm glad to know I can listen to Tim's audio without tapping if I choose to without any drawbacks.  I'll continue to work on my tapping.  I think I'm simply not very coordinated … lol :)

    I have a few more questions when/if you have time to answer them:

    1.  Can you gain optimum benefits by using only CT 1 and CT 2, without purchasing other programs?  YES

    Or in order to progress, must you continue to use different programs?  It's not necessary. Though the accelerators at minimum will enhance your experience and results dramatically.

    2.  Do you need different CTs to foster positivity?  For instance, if you want to believe “your romantic wedding anniversary trip to Paris is going to a wonderful experience and your children will be fine while you're away”…lol -how would you advise a nervous mommy to use PSTEC to help promote this affirmation?

    You can start by neutralizing any feelings here. PSTEC clicktracks can be used with a worst case future imagined scenario. So start with simply imagining your trip to Paris and 1.) all of the things that could go wrong and 2.) rong with the kids (but won't) Really feel those negative feelings while imagining it and clicktracking till down to a 0 or 1 aka “gone”.

    This can be done with the accelerators. It can also be done with two other products. PSTEC Positive and/or Positve Extra Power

    2.  Once you feel you've neutralized a negative feeling, do you have to continue to work on it to ensure it won't resurface with strong negative intensity again?  Basically, once it's gone, is it truly gone forever? Yes. generally speaking, once it's gone, it's gone. If it does come back there may be something else at plan and you can get assistance here or with a Practitioner.

    3.  From my research, I've concluded that PSTEC is not a form of hypnosis; is this an accurate conclusion in your opinion? 

    It is not.

    4.  Do other packages, like the Accelerator utilize hypnosis?

    There are pure hypnosis packages. Accelerator is not hypnosis.

    5.  How is the Accelerator different than PSTEC and what is it designed to do?

    They are carefully designed to give better and more profound results in less time. They stimulate recall, speed and ease clearing, reinforce work for more power and finally allow to add in positive information.

    Thank you in advance!