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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Truman,

    Thank you for your reply.

    There are several ways to think about the issue you have raised. You have the belief “I'm an outsider” and you feel bad about this, as connection is very important to you. In truth, it is important to everyone, but we all meet the need for connection in different ways.

    “I'm an outsider” did not cause your bad feelings, I would suggest. The meaning you gave to “I'm an outsider” is what is causing the pain. You have limited your possibilities to “I don't fit in” and “I'm an outsider” and see the world through that perceptual filter.

    Many people, even legendary figures such as Steve Jobs, have revelled in their “outsider” status. They can still connect with others, but feel proud that they think and act differently. It is simply a case of reframing.

    With PSTEC, though, you can make this much quicker. There is no need to suffer.

    I recommend that you bundle all of the experiences where you felt alone/rejected, rate the feelings on a scale of 0-10 and run the Click Tracks until you get that SUD as low as possible. Please work through these as diligently as possible.

    Do the same for future scenarios you have envisioned. CT as you go. If you get any unwanted feelings during the day, dissolve these. They will help you “chip away the block.”

    Then CT on the neediness. Imagine the exact scenarios as best you can and TRY to feel the neediness. Keep going.

    With neediness gone, you will no doubt experience more connection with yourself and less reliance on the feedback of others.

    After this, we can look at the sort of beliefs you may be holding that can be cleared.


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