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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Tomas,

    Thanks for your post.

    It will depend on the individual, the issue being worked on, the context etc. I know “it depends” is kind of vague and non-committal.

    Either approach can work. You can chip off a bit at a time, or work holistically. Always aim for a 0 or 1 and see if you have any fear of the fear coming back. If that ever happens, imagine the fear coming back and CT that.

    In your case, have you tried running one memory (as opposed to a collection of memories linked to the same emotion) through the long version of Click Track 2015?

    What can also be beneficial is seeing if the pattern shows up in other contexts.

    Also say “It is safe to let go of this fear.” If you struggle to say that, or you can consciously assess that it is NOT safe to let go of the fear, this could suggest some resistance. I would recommend that you layer in some positives.

    Tim gave some good examples of this in the various tutorials. There was one example where a client mentioned that it would be dangerous to NOT feel fear when walking on bridges; Tim explained that your knowledge can guide you and that fear can actually endanger you more (in such a context) as you could make a rash decision.

    This can be extrapolated to other contexts. For example: some people believe that, if they don't have a little fear, they won't be motivated for things like job interviews. That would be an example where someone might not want to feel the fear, but has some resistance to neutralising it. It can be useful to consider “who will I be without this emotion?”

    With PSTEC, as you already know, you don't have to overthink things. However, if it ever seems that an unwanted emotion has come back, it might be that it was not fully removed in the first place…or there is a concern about letting go.

    I've thrown some extras in here, as other PSTEC users will be checking in. Thus, not all of this will be relevant for your particular case, Tomas. I hope, however, it resonates with you.

    Please update us on how you get on.

    Paul  ;)

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