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Brian Tucker

    PSTEC clicktracks also work well with another key Transurfing principle – Excess Importance.

    Everything is free in the space of variations. To transfer to a life track where the desired object is turned into reality, all you need is the energy of pure intention. Pure intention is joining desire and action into one, without any excess importance.

    Here's the simple idea: excess potential is created only when you give excess importance to any quality, object or event inside or out. To be in harmony with the world and get rid of pendulums it is necessary to reduce excessive importance. Be careful how much importance you give to yourself or the world around you. Once you reduce importance, you'll enter a state of balance and pendulums will not bother or control you. Feelings and emotions are nothing but consequences. They are caused by just one thing: importance.

    Zedland believes what we want is “balance” because our entire life is a struggle with balancing forces. The only remedy against the balancing forces is to eliminate the reason for their existence. That means we must reduce excess potential by eliminating importance. Reducing importance has nothing to do with neglecting things. The key is to accept the world the way it is.

    Zedland uses the term “balance” and in PSTEC we often use the term “indifference” which is a wonderful place to be! PSTEC tools are all about acceptance and letting go.

    Using the clicktracks to remove excess importance to any object, event or outcome is simple. Imagine what you are intending to transurf and that it is extremely important. Start with a general outlook at the situaiton.

    Clear all of these feelings and any feelings around any possibilities of the outcome you can imagine to a 1 or 0.

    You might also imagine you are obsessed with it, that you are desperate to have it in your reality, cant be without it, live without it. Also that you are desperately worried about it happening or not happening and what will happen if it does or does not happen etc. CT these feelings to a 1 or a 0.

    If any flashes of past events come to mind, clear these out next as they are associated to it or are the root cause of the feelings.

    I have used this time and time again. It's a bit of a non-traditional approach to usng the clicktracks but it works like magic. This approach can (and will) neutralize any attachment to the outcome of what you desire.