Reply To: Being honest

Daniel Wynn

    Hi Clearingman,

    Thank you for your post and for your honesty.

    Without knowing the specific issues you are addressing, I will be somewhat “general” here.

    When you encounter this apparent block, it could be that there is some subconscious resistance to going back to painful memories or confronting anything that causes you to feel discomfort.

    To see whether this feels true, say “It is safe to let go of these feelings” and “It is safe to resolve my issues” out loud.

    If you struggle to say those or, if doing so brings up discomfort, this is a sign you may hold the opposite beliefs (e.g. “It is dangerous to let go of these feelings”).

    You can eliminate these using PSTEC Negative or the Belief Blasters – follow the separate and distinct protocols for these tools.

    You may also hold beliefs like “I'm not authentic”, “I'm meant to suffer” or “Getting rid of this is unnatural.”

    Please test these.

    Also ask what the feelings are adding to you – do they give you a sense of certainty or connection with others? Do you feel that they protect you?

    Really consider this. You know the answers already and it is simply a case of drawing those out.

    If you are worried about revisiting painful memories, remind yourself that you are only visiting these. You are not re-living them. It is just like watching an old movie and YOU are the editor.

    Then, using PSTEC Positive, you could layer in the suggestions referenced earlier:

    “It is safe to let go of these feelings”
    “I am safe as I resolve these issues”

    And the bonus:

    “When I use the Click Tracks, I remember the cause of my problems”

    Which beliefs have you run through the Belief Blasters?

    Did you say the words of the belief out loud before running the track? Did they feel true?

    If the beliefs were not emotionally causal or not feeding into a behavioural/emotional pattern, removing them would do very little. It may “budge” things a bit, but it would probably not pack the punch to soften the pattern and lead you to the KO.

    For instance, if you felt sad and worked on the belief “I'm sad”, this is just arguing against your present emotional experience. You would be best CTing the sadness here; if, however, someone felt sad because their relationship has just ended, there would be beliefs feeding into this – perhaps “I'm helpless”, “Relationships don't work”, “I'll never find love again.”

    This scenario is just an example, of course. If you are happy to share your story, I can be more specific. Feel free to email or PM me.

    We aren't often conscious of our beliefs and it can take a bit of detective work  and patience. Keep practising.

    Emotions are often more accessible, and you can immediately CT them. They leave clues.

    A useful way to access a belief is “what would I have to believe about X (e.g. myself, that task, those people) to feel Y (e.g. sad, angry, uncomfortable)?”

    Once you have identified a belief and tested it, you can ask “how do I know this is a problem?”

    The answer will come to you, if you persist.

    You may also wish to consider how holding a certain belief would impact someone (e.g. yourself).

    If I told you that someone held a belief like “If I don't do things perfectly, people will reject me”, how do you think they would approach certain tasks?

    This is just a brief way to conceptualise beliefs. Now, with that in mind, keep TRYING to believe it while running the Belief Blasters.

    I hope this helps and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Paul ?

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I took both yours and Brian's advice on board, which was excellent by the way.
    There was definite resistance there, I tried saying the statements out loud and it felt uncomfortable to do so. I went through the process and made it as bad as I could, and that it was dangerous to go there, I had more things boil up than before. I actually had a feeling of not wanting to change. Anyway, i felt a lot better about things afterwards, and could feel a load of improvement, but honestly I feel a little like im holding back again. I just feel uninterested in it all. Is my subconscious attempting to protect? I also found out that it wasn't just past trauma, but also an overall mudiness about feeling negative emotions completely. Like I don't want to feel negative or it's bad or something, but it feels under the surface or distant.

    How do I resolve this? I really want to be more open to my emotions so I can visit a memory, click track it, and release the crap feelings behind it efficiently. I know this process works, boy does it work. I just feel as if I'm holding back a little and it's hindering my gains. I also get annoyed with myself because it becomes such hard work for me. Any advice is appreciated.

    Ran the positive statements earlier. Will run them again tomorrow. I also really connected to the belief before running the belief blasters, and figured out much I really believed it and found them so far to be working better.

    Thank you guys ?