Reply To: Being honest

Daniel Wynn

    Clearingman… What tracks do you have?

    Take the current situation that you have outlined here, think about all of it while running the clicktracks and “get mad at it” PSTEC practitioner April Adams has an article that paints the picture of how to feel when you think of this here

    Also just get angry that you are stuck and you are sick and tired of your life being like this you hate it etc as extreme as you can.

    If you have the tapping accelerator start with that track. Listen to the relaxing accelerator every night at bedtime for a week. If you don't have the accelerators it would be suggested you get them.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Hi Brian,

    I have all the core tools. Been working on it, definitely opening up a lot more, have been clearing some more stuff. I think the more stuff I clear out the more I am open to feeling my emotions.

    I have been listening to accelerators every night before sleep too, that has helped a bit.

    Thanks  :)