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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Adam

    Hopefully you got a chance to read my post before it disapeared. Wonderful thing the internet! If not here it is again in brief.

    Your example negative beliefs are not really negatives. They are all said as an aid to successful trading by removing stress and keeping relaxed about it, that is by removing your attachment to the outcome. If you worry about whether every deal is going to make or lose you money, you will lose overall. That worry and stress is created by fear, fear of failure or success or their effects are the real negatives that you need to remove. You know that you will win some and lose some, the game is to win more than lose, right? If you invest too much emotion into the outcome it is a rollercoaster that for a while is exciting then it will wreck you, if you get rich or go broke, either way.

    First CT imagined futures both the extremes of getting super rich (you might get a mansion and a fast car but unless you are happy?) also going stoney broke and owing everybody money.
    I believe it would be better to PP beliefs that progress from “I can be a successful trader” to “I will be a successful trader” to “I am a successful trader” or similar.
    However if you must PP your examples then it is important to remember they are not just a form of words. You have to imagine the statements being true and feeling good about it. With PP you are associating/anchoring the words to feelings, so make them good positive feelings.