Reply To: Education- You’re amazing

Peter Bunyan

    Hi JJ

    Although I cannot answer your questions for Tim, I do know he would suggest that we all bring up our children in a caring loving environment. Further he would always be positive and encouraging, free from self-limiting beliefs. Children learn the same way fish learn to swim. They do not need to be taught an awful lot just surrounded with the right things to learn from. Young children live in what adults might regard as a dream world where anything can be “real” also they tend to take whatever is said to them as true because they have no past experience to suggest otherwise. So what you say to your children has an impact far deeper than you as a parent can imagine. Evenmore what you say also has an emotional effect, they feel what you say. By imitating your body language they can understand what you really mean not just what you say. Hence the caring loving environment. There is so much more to say but a lot of the people who write in on this forum for help are doing so because they did not get these basics.