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    I rarely write on the forum because I prefer to let others have their say and show their brilliance exactly as Peter has  – and he always does. Thank you Peter and I do absolutely agree that loving a child and helping them to love themselves is very important both emotionally and cognitively. It is an ideal environment in which to flourish.

    I anticipated that there might be some specific questions so I am working on a practical guide to some of the things raised and especially those things not covered elsewhere. As such I will be discussing the practical side of educating ones child (based on experience and result). I will also talk about what I did in order to help the lady with “dyslexia”. In the meantime of course there was a lot of practical information included. For example, any child can learn simple memory systems. It will either be released as a part 4 or it may take another name but I will make sure everyone knows when it's ready. As an experiment I may even offer it on itunes as well as through the PSTEC site but it's yet to be decided.

    I'm glad you've enjoyed it and do listen again or better yet encourage your friends to download it and listen too. I wanted to make it very relevant to people under all kinds of circumstances – whether they be studying, starting a business, feeling discouraged, unappreciated, unimportant or even facing serious illnesses. There's something important for everyone.

    Please excuse any typos …the text on my phone is microscopic!