Reply To: Programming Happiness?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi David

    IMO happiness is a choice, you can choose to be happy or not. Happiness does not depend on any thing like these “I'll be happy when I win a million” “I'll be happy when I get my new car/house/whatever”. If you do not see this it is possibly confusion of what is meant by happiness. Jeff has an acronym JEEP Joy, Excitement, Enthusiasm and Peace. If you have all of that then I think you would say you were happy. PSTEC was designed as a set of self-user tools to help bring this state about from any starting point. I see it as a state of high self-worth/esteem/confidence which if you had would be very similar to JEEP. The problem is that happiness is not one emotion but several and the balance of these is different for everyone and changes in different circumstances. In PSTEC we strongly suggest removing all the negative emotions first that block or stop you from being happy. Then working with positive techniques to help you build the life you want to live. Just programming in beliefs about being happy is going to be much slower to have an effect while the baggage from your past gets in the way. This is why we nearly always suggest using the Click Tracks first.