Reply To: Unhelpful thinking styles

Brian Tucker

    Hey there – I had most all of these “issues” to an extreme and yes, they are a pain and feel PAINFUL! The difference being, I didn't even know I had most of these things. What awakened me to them was listening to the track No More Anxiety. This alone can resolve so many things. I saw amazing results in just a few weeks but the real magic kicked in for me at about 60-70 days.

    Paul is also spot-on in that all of this can be resolved with the clicktracks. One thing that was HUGE behind my issues was repressed anger, unresolved grief, self-loathing and embarrassment.

    Even just today I had an issue come up. I purchased a new car last week and sure enough here comes some programming around did I buy the right car, what if… blah blah. No More Anxiety automatically revealed it to me clear as day and within a few minutes it was released and gone for good.

    The key when listening to No More Anxiety for me was to make a list of things that were typical problems and when I listened to the track each day I would think about one of those issues and imagine what could possibly happen as extreme as it could possibly be and also feel the feelings extreme as I could the entire time while listening to the track. When you combine this with the clicktracks to tackle any specific issues you will be free as a bird!

    p.s. Paul is AMAZING! Tim is AMAZING! PSTEC is AMAZING! You are AMAZING! :)