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Paul McCabe
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    Hi DaughterofThunder,

    Thank you for your message and for taking the time to share some of your story. I read some of it earlier and see you have now edited it

    I echo what Brian wrote and he has worked diligently with PSTEC to get some truly amazing shifts within his own model of reality.

    I really appreciate you reaching out and can assure you of two things:

    1) You absolutely matter

    2) You deserve to be happy

    If these seem strange concepts to you, try saying “I deserve to be happy” and “I matter.”

    If these do not seem to be true, then you probably hold the opposite of these beliefs.I suspect you do and you would certainly not be alone in that. You may also hold certain beliefs about safety, feeling emotions, and perhaps about life being unfair and happiness being impossible for you.

    You can approach PSTEC in a myriad of ways. Generally, since you feel the unwanted emotions, it tends to be prudent to start with the Click Tracks. The effect tends to be more obvious.

    For instance, emotions can feed into beliefs, and beliefs into emotions. We may not be consciously aware of the beliefs that are fuelling an emotion like  anger, but we know we feel anger. So, we know when the anger is gone – we no longer feel it when it is cleared.

    However, beliefs can be emotionally causal too and eliminating beliefs that feed unwanted emotional and behavioural patterns creates tremendous liberation.

    For this reason, I would contend that Belief Blasters ( is an essential PSTEC tool. It just works so well with the Click Tracks.

    But irrespective of whether you acquire these or not, you can absolutely change all aspects of your life with PSTEC. It is just a case of how deeply you intend to go with this work.

    Please keep us updated.



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