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Paul McCabe
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    Hi DaughterofThunder,

    Thanks for your post. You are most welcome.

    We are here to help, so your post is anything but a burden and neither are you. I assure you of that.

    You may have a feeling of being a burden, but I would suggest this is generated by an actual belief like “I am a burden.” Feelings would tend to be physiological – a “knot in the stomach”, nervousness, a negative sense.

    These can show up in many guises, so those are just a few examples.

    What is the actual feeling you get when you believe you are a burden?

    How do you know you feel like a burden? Tune into that.

    Focus on trying to feel the feeling(s) and the memory whilst tapping. Let Tim's words run in the background while you focus on the thought/memory, the associated feeling(s) and tapping along to the clicks and tones.

    You can simply try to feel the feelings.

    Belief Blasters are very different and require no tapping at all. There is not as much to do – just try to believe the belief while the track plays. There are some instructions before playing the track, but these are extremely straightforward.


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