Reply To: First impressions with pstec.


    Feelings would tend to be physiological (…)
    What is the actual feeling you get when you believe you are a burden?

    Yes I often feel anxiety in stomach, like it squeezed into a fist or a knot if it's intense. But most often, my mouth get dry and I go pale. But I couldn't catch  this to tap because it pretty much always happens at work. Another thing I often get – actually got it after writing my background here – is a lump in throat or throat getting very tightened, like when you're about to cry. It surprised me. And a few others but these are most common. I don't get anything physical when I think I'm a burden, because it's normal to me… simply that's my world, that's my “normal”, I can't imagine different. Even in good relationships, when it's made clear to me I'm loved it doesn't change one bit how I see myself. Oh wait, my throat is tightening like that again. Didn't see that coming. So, I was not even aware… I don't have conscious feelings about my negative beliefs, even now, there's no conscious feeling… And the sensation slips away soon. No wonder I couldn't clicktrack right. I already knew I was pretty much disconnected from my feelings because it often takes me a long time to figure out that I can't take something anymore, I just keep enduring like under some drugs and when I realize things went too far long ago I'm already breaking down.

    Great news about belief blasters. I was really hoping to hear this… I'll get that one first.