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Paul McCabe
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    Hi DaughterofThunder,

    Thanks for posting and for confirming some of the ways anxiety shows up for you.

    As well as using PSTEC Click Tracks for historical traumas, troublesome thoughts or memories, and future imagined scenarios, you can also use them “in the moment.”

    You mentioned that your anxiety symptoms show up at work and you cannot evoke these when trying to feel the emotions later on.

    You may, therefore, derive tremendous benefit from using the Click Tracks while the symptoms are being experienced (or as close as possible to the time of them being experienced).

    This approach is not essential for everyone, but I feel it may work very well for you in this context. Please note, however, you don't have to feel the emotion. You just have to know what problem you are working on and try to feel the emotions.

    If it is possible for you to do so, I would suggest trying to find 10-15 minutes during a break at work and then running the Click Track. You could have the free Click Tracks loaded onto your phone or a MP3 player and then doing a round each day – you may be surprised how quickly this dissolves.

    If someone holds a belief like “I'm not loveable”, all evidence and affirmation to the contrary makes it virtually impossible to “get through”. So, if a loved one spells out the different ways the person is loved, it is likely to be interpreted differently: e.g. “that person loves me, but I'm not actually worth loving.”

    Eliminating the very beliefs that feed into the pattern makes a huge difference.


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