Reply To: First impressions with pstec.


    I work with the most difficult person on the team. She rages a lot like my mother and gave me plenty of distress. (stabby heart pain as I recall this – wanted to clicktrack but it disappears during listening to introduction) I'm handling it better now, I used to be really scared of her. But I said work mostly because as soon as I'm going to work or anywhere, I have the sense like I'm going to war – I can't drop my guard or relax around people. I definitely suppress around people since I am not being myself. I'm aware I'd benefit from a better environment, but I live in a bad economy so I can't choose, and it's temporary anyway – I will work here until next winter or so.

    I can't go out when I want with this job (retail). But ether way feelings disappear quickly – I was at home just then and right beside my pc – but while the introduction to the clicktrack played I just lost the feeling. Heart stabbing with sense of past emotional pain was back later as I re-read the post. I started the clicktrack again, it's gone again before I can get into tapping. Is it that I couldn't handle my own feelings for such a long time that they are just suppressed automatically? I'll keep chasing them but if I don't succeed it's ok I'll get belief blasters anyway.