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Paul McCabe
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    Hi DaughterofThunder,

    Thanks for your update.

    It does seem that you may have some subconscious resistance to working through the issues. I sense that you may fear clearing the emotions in a certain respect as, although you want to be free of these, they seem to have been part of your mind model for a while.

    Further to what Brian wrote and your reply where you mentioned that it is not really feasible for you to CT while at work, you may wish to try the following:

    – Skip the introduction on the CT: as long as you know the instructions and which hands are to be used (e.g. the clicks and tones) for that particular track , this will ensure you jump straight into the track.

    – assess what is difficult about your co-worker and see how she reminds you of your mother. Go back to when your mother raged or rages at you, feel the distress, and CT that. There is almost always a historical cause for a present problem: we would tend to worry about future events for this reason. Resolve the past and we tend to feel much better in the present and can look to the future with more optimism.

    – ask “who will be I without these feelings?” See what comes up. If you have a fear of being transformed in a negative way or losing something valuable as a result of doing this work, you can Click Track that. “Fear of change” is a very real pattern. Resolving this may loosen things up for you.

    When you get rid of the fear of change, this will almost certainly help you reimagine what is possible and that you do not have to persist with a job that isn't bringing you much joy. That may just be because of your feelings about your co-worker, however.

    With PSTEC, we have the option of changing how we feel about things/people, or changing the things we do and how we approach different people. There are so many ways to get there and that is why I am confident you will.

    Please keep us updated.

    All the best,

    Paul  :D

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