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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Truman,

    Thanks for your post.

    To check I understand your question fully, do you mean whether it worth “future-pacing” the problem(s) to see whether they are gone?

    If so, then absolutely. You will probably do this naturally anyway.

    To illustrate this:

    If someone was working on a phobia of rats, for instance, the fear would invariably lessen with every round of Click Tracks (if more than one round was even needed). They might then think of rats and feel fine. They could then imagine going outside and seeing a rat running in front of them. If that doesn't feel fine, then the person would just CT on THAT context.

    If anything came up in the future, that could be clicktracked. With imagined outcomes, it stands to reason that we can only clear what we can imagined. Sometimes life will throw us scenarios we simply did not imagine. If you imagine something and it feels bad or you simply don't want to feel that way, I would suggest clearing this.

    Anything imagined that feels bad, even if it's unlikely to happen, never could happen and ultimately never does happen…can always be cleared on the emotional level.

    You are going for emotional neutrality with the Click Tracks, and you can “tip to the positive” with tracks like PSTEC Positive Extra Power (

    In the example cited above, if someone cleared an intense fear of rats, they might not suddenly like rats. They would not have to join the Rat Appreciation Society (unless that was a goal!) or want a rat as a pet, but they could feel good about themselves and about life even with rats being around.

    I hope that example illuminates this for you.

    Please let us know how you get on,

    Paul  :D

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