Reply To: How to deal with negative trading patterns with PSTEC?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Adam
    I beieve we have discussed similar with you before, but here goes:

    Fear of success is a fear that is as real as that of failure. Your 5 points suggest this fear in that they are procrastinating and self destructive. This could well be from childhood as Sally suggests with neagtive beliefs from that time about money and self worth. Visualise a near future where you are a successful trader with more than double your account. You need to feel excited and enthusiastic about this. Note that excitement and fear can be confused as the are both driven by the sympathetic nervous system. However fear makes you back away from things and excitement draws you in closer. There is no logic in this, merely wanting to be successful is not enough, it is about emotions,. You need to feel successful to enable it to become real. You cannot feel succesful at the same time as being afraid to become it.

    The click tracks for any negative feelings and memories of failure, the belief blasters for any negative beliefs about rich people and money. These possibly sayings your parents had example “money doesn't grow on trees”.