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      I want to eliminate the following patterns and I don't know how to do it with pstec. I have the basic + accelerators + positive + belief blasters: Here are the patterns:

      1. Always trying to improving my trading system.
      2. Always making silly trading mistakes.
      3. The need to control the outcome of my trades.
      4. I get distracted and fail to follow my trading system's rules.
      5. I have a performance ceiling where I start losing heavily when I am about to double my account.

      I'll appreciate your suggestions. Thank you!

      Best regards

      Sally Baker
      PSTEC User

        I’ve worked successfully to resolve similar patterns with clients before. Seems to come down to needing to resolve limiting beliefs and issues around deserving – often from childhood. You could focus there.

        Peter Bunyan
        PSTEC User

          Hi Adam
          I beieve we have discussed similar with you before, but here goes:

          Fear of success is a fear that is as real as that of failure. Your 5 points suggest this fear in that they are procrastinating and self destructive. This could well be from childhood as Sally suggests with neagtive beliefs from that time about money and self worth. Visualise a near future where you are a successful trader with more than double your account. You need to feel excited and enthusiastic about this. Note that excitement and fear can be confused as the are both driven by the sympathetic nervous system. However fear makes you back away from things and excitement draws you in closer. There is no logic in this, merely wanting to be successful is not enough, it is about emotions,. You need to feel successful to enable it to become real. You cannot feel succesful at the same time as being afraid to become it.

          The click tracks for any negative feelings and memories of failure, the belief blasters for any negative beliefs about rich people and money. These possibly sayings your parents had example “money doesn't grow on trees”.

          PSTEC User

            Thank you Peter and Sally,

            It is true I've been working on this issue for sometime now. I say I get little relief because I have successfully developed my own good strategy but implementing it produces self-sabotage.

            I have already done memories of childhood undeserving plus positive “perhaps I can be deserving” yesterday.  First, I used eft tapping on the side of the hand saying this protocol:

            • Even though I am undeserving and…
            • Even if I don’t deserve to get over undeserving, and…
            • Even if it is not possible for me to get over
            undeserving, and…
            • Even if it is not safe for me to get over undeserving, and…
            • Even if it would not be safe for others for me
            to get over undeserving, and…
            • Even if I’m not willing to get over undeserving, and…
            • Even if I would not know who I am if I get
            over undeserving, and…
            • Even if I have other blocks to getting over undeserving,
            • I deeply and completely love and accept

            When I finished, I asked myself, how do I know I am undeserving, then memories of undeserving came up and I used click tracks.

            Today I'll work on frustration with this issue, memories of failure and then the positives. Again thank you very for your help!

            Best regards,


            Paul McCabe
            PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

              Hi Adam,

              Thanks for your post.

              Further to what Sally and Peter wrote, you may also wish to “check in” with the following patterns:

              * fear of making mistakes and annoyance if you feel you have made one – how do you feel when you perceive you have made a mistake? Try saying “Mistakes are bad” (perhaps while you think about trading) and see whether that resonates with you. See how “silly mistakes” feels for you, or how you perceive that concept. What is a silly mistake for you, in the context of trading?

              * fear of not being in control of your trades/circumstances – how do you feel when you lose on your trades? Have you CTed any negative feelings when you lose some trades? Are you genuinely “philosophical” when you lose on your trades (e.g. “you win, you lose some” with an expectation of future profit) or do you feel a compulsion to immediately chase your losses?

              * discomfort when you double your account – when you double your account, or come close to doubling it, you mention that you start losing heavily. What thoughts and feelings come up as your account comes close to being doubled?  Guilt, worry about someone or some company taking your money? Is it a reckless feeling? Have you CTed any of these? You might also consider whether you hold a belief like “I have a performance ceiling” or “It is greedy to make too much money.”

              * Impatience and becoming distracted – what thoughts do you get before becoming or whilst feeling distracted? Might it be a thought like “following rules are boring”, “it takes too long to get what I want”? If so, I would recommend CTing the feeling and targeting the beliefs.

              Hope this offers some more food for thought, Adam.

              Please keep us updated.

              All the best,

              Paul :)

              Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


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              PSTEC User

                Thank you,

                I just want to ask, when do I feel excited and enthusiastic before and during the PP or only before the PP? I am now working on memories of failure. I have installed the positive suggestion, “I can neutralize my emotions” which it has helped when dealing with failure memories.

                I have also installed the following beliefs:

                1. I am responsible for my trading.
                2. Money is not important.
                3. It is OK to lose in the markets.
                4. Trading is a game.
                5. I’ve won the game before it starts.
                6. Mental rehearsal is important to successful performance.
                7. Trading well is very important for my success.

                Today I am much more calm as I am trading which is important. Again thank you for your support!

                Best regards


                Paul McCabe
                PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                  Hi Adam,

                  Thanks for your update.

                  I think, when layering in the positive suggestions, it is important that they feel compelling, positive and plausible. Excitement is one possible emotion and what I aim for, but that might not always be appropriate or necessary.

                  Imagine the suggestions are already part of your mind model when saying them (before running the Positive track) and this would typically carry over while you run the track – as long as it feels good for YOU and the suggestion is punchy/impactful and meaningful, you will be on the right tracks.

                  Did you find that the suggestions you chose were compelling enough? Did they feel good for you?

                  One thing I would ask is: what impact did “money is not important” have on you? How did you hold that belief?

                  It is just that, if you are trading to earn a profit, “money is not important” might argue against your existing behaviour/trading patterns – especially when you also have “Trading well is very important for my success.”

                  It might, therefore, be important to factor this in:

                  “No matter how much money I make, I can feel good about my trades”, “There are so many ways for me to feel successful” and “Perhaps I can always find ways to feel good about myself”

                  These are just examples, of course, but might take some of the edge off. It is perfectly valid to feel good about yourself even if you lose a bet, a trade or money (in other ways).

                  Thanks again, Adam.

                  Paul  :D

                  Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner


                  Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

                  Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

                  Skype, Zoom, in-person & phone sessions available…

                  PSTEC User


                    “Money is not important” in relation to trading of course but also in life in general. People who are really financially successful, money is not important to them. Money is very important to poor people because they feel they don't have. What is important to successful traders or rich people is what they do. This brings us to 'trading well is very important to my success'. Why because the byproduct will be plenty of profits.

                    Money is not important to George Soros and Warren Buffet but the process of trading and investing is important to them.

                    If money is important I won't be able to trade well so I won't be able to make money. It is the reason 90% of traders lose because they focus on the money.

                    My focus when I trade should be in trading well not money. I have already tested the probability of my strategy's success rate so my job is simply to implement. If money is important it will affect my trading with fear of losing, avoiding losing, etc. My strategy has a random distribution of wins and losses so if money was important to me wins and losses will affect my trading negatively.

                    I neutralized resistance to 'money is not important' first before I used positive track.

                    When I use relaxation accelerator I focus on generating excitement and enthusiasm about my goal. As I write this I am still feeling I have achieved my goal. Thanks to everyone.

                    Best regards


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