Reply To: How to deal with negative trading patterns with PSTEC?

Paul McCabe
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    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your post.

    Further to what Sally and Peter wrote, you may also wish to “check in” with the following patterns:

    * fear of making mistakes and annoyance if you feel you have made one – how do you feel when you perceive you have made a mistake? Try saying “Mistakes are bad” (perhaps while you think about trading) and see whether that resonates with you. See how “silly mistakes” feels for you, or how you perceive that concept. What is a silly mistake for you, in the context of trading?

    * fear of not being in control of your trades/circumstances – how do you feel when you lose on your trades? Have you CTed any negative feelings when you lose some trades? Are you genuinely “philosophical” when you lose on your trades (e.g. “you win, you lose some” with an expectation of future profit) or do you feel a compulsion to immediately chase your losses?

    * discomfort when you double your account – when you double your account, or come close to doubling it, you mention that you start losing heavily. What thoughts and feelings come up as your account comes close to being doubled?  Guilt, worry about someone or some company taking your money? Is it a reckless feeling? Have you CTed any of these? You might also consider whether you hold a belief like “I have a performance ceiling” or “It is greedy to make too much money.”

    * Impatience and becoming distracted – what thoughts do you get before becoming or whilst feeling distracted? Might it be a thought like “following rules are boring”, “it takes too long to get what I want”? If so, I would recommend CTing the feeling and targeting the beliefs.

    Hope this offers some more food for thought, Adam.

    Please keep us updated.

    All the best,

    Paul :)

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