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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your update.

    I think, when layering in the positive suggestions, it is important that they feel compelling, positive and plausible. Excitement is one possible emotion and what I aim for, but that might not always be appropriate or necessary.

    Imagine the suggestions are already part of your mind model when saying them (before running the Positive track) and this would typically carry over while you run the track – as long as it feels good for YOU and the suggestion is punchy/impactful and meaningful, you will be on the right tracks.

    Did you find that the suggestions you chose were compelling enough? Did they feel good for you?

    One thing I would ask is: what impact did “money is not important” have on you? How did you hold that belief?

    It is just that, if you are trading to earn a profit, “money is not important” might argue against your existing behaviour/trading patterns – especially when you also have “Trading well is very important for my success.”

    It might, therefore, be important to factor this in:

    “No matter how much money I make, I can feel good about my trades”, “There are so many ways for me to feel successful” and “Perhaps I can always find ways to feel good about myself”

    These are just examples, of course, but might take some of the edge off. It is perfectly valid to feel good about yourself even if you lose a bet, a trade or money (in other ways).

    Thanks again, Adam.

    Paul  :D

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