Reply To: How to deal with negative trading patterns with PSTEC?



    “Money is not important” in relation to trading of course but also in life in general. People who are really financially successful, money is not important to them. Money is very important to poor people because they feel they don't have. What is important to successful traders or rich people is what they do. This brings us to 'trading well is very important to my success'. Why because the byproduct will be plenty of profits.

    Money is not important to George Soros and Warren Buffet but the process of trading and investing is important to them.

    If money is important I won't be able to trade well so I won't be able to make money. It is the reason 90% of traders lose because they focus on the money.

    My focus when I trade should be in trading well not money. I have already tested the probability of my strategy's success rate so my job is simply to implement. If money is important it will affect my trading with fear of losing, avoiding losing, etc. My strategy has a random distribution of wins and losses so if money was important to me wins and losses will affect my trading negatively.

    I neutralized resistance to 'money is not important' first before I used positive track.

    When I use relaxation accelerator I focus on generating excitement and enthusiasm about my goal. As I write this I am still feeling I have achieved my goal. Thanks to everyone.

    Best regards