Reply To: Question about Sleeping


    PAUL! Thank you!

    I read this in the middle of the night when you posted it and then I never responded!  I am very sorry.  Please forgive my tardy response.

    You wrote: “I strongly suspect that, if you use PSTEC twice a day for 30 consecutive days, you will notice some big shifts.”

    I hope so!  Right now, I am hitting about once a day about 5 times a week.  However, this week has proved to be very intense in my relationship (as I just posted on the “Belief Blasters” forum), so I'm doing a LOT of rounds of PSTEC at one sitting/go.

    you wrote,”Your experience of feeling sleepy after a Click Track is shared by others.”

    Oh, thank goodness!  It's nice to know I am not alone.

    I have been doing the tracks at a variety of times. I will say that this last week (the first week of April) my extreme fatigue/desire to sleep continued.  I slept at least an additional two hours every day (good thing I am working remotely and have a flexible schedule so I can make up my hours).  :)

    In fact, just today I did two 18 minute rounds of the Belief Blasters and then came home to meditate (I'm using Brain Entrainment software from Iawake).  I feel asleep for about two hours!

    You wrote: “When doing the Click Tracks, the subconscious mind has to do a lot of work.”

    I'm hoping that I am doing it “right” as my mind tends to go all over the place because I have so many interconnected memories for my thoughts/feelings that arise in the present moment, many of which I don't have a “charge” around anymore. 

    So I'm happy to know that possibly I'm sleeping a lot because I've been waiting so long for a tool like PSTEC (I've done EMDR, EFT, and a host of verbal/analytic therapy things . . . even had a series of soul retrievals by a shaman).

    You wrote, “You could experiment with running the Click Tracks at different times of the day.” 

    I've definitely been doing that.  :)  Thank you for the suggestion! 

    You wrote: “There may be some metaphorical content in your dream. If you have any level of financial or social discomfort, that can be addressed with the Click Tracks.”

    I definitely have BOTH.  I have been mostly working on relationship issues as they relate to my perceptions/negative thoughts about my body and my loveability/worth as they relate to fears around my partner.  I will be moving on to the “money stuff” and my social discomfort soon! 

    You wrote: “Please let us know how the 30 days go. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.”

    I will indeed!  Right now I think my combination of a meditation practice supported by brain entrainment and the PSTEC is making me extremely tired!  So I'm going to take this exhaustion/need for extra sleep as a good sign.  :)

    With gratitude,