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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Clearingman,

    Thanks for your post. I am sure Brian will reply and hope you are OK with me chipping in for now.

    I sense that, in this particular case, smoking was your solution to a problem. Perhaps it was a coping mechanism or a way to block something out. This is not unusual.

    On the Advanced track (, Tim talks about “symptom substitution” and, while not mentioned in the context of smoking, there may be a parallel here. You have eliminated a coping mechanism, so have developed a new habit and, in a way, a new coping mechanism.

    Questions: when did you smoke? What emotions triggered you to smoke? What emotions or circumstances are present when you are biting your lips?

    Also, which modality did you use to quit smoking? Was it via the Stop Smoking package (, hypnosis, another modality or willpower? This may be instructive.

    There is more than one way to resolve issues with PSTEC so, if you feel a bit “Clicktracked out”, you may wish to try the belief route – using Belief Blasters and/or PSTEC Negative.

    There will be beliefs feeding the pattern and you may well have the belief “It is dangerous to have negative thoughts” and “It is bad for things to not make sense.

    I am sure you have other beliefs that can be eliminated and would make a huge difference to how you feel and behave.

    Once eliminated, you could layer in some positive suggestions with PP or PP Extra Power.

    So, by all means, see how you get on when you eliminate the beliefs.

    Please keep us updated too and, if anything is unclear or proving challenging, let us know so that we can help you troubleshoot it. There's ALWAYS a way.

    All the best,

    Paul :)

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