Reply To: Aftermath from quitting smoking

Daniel Wynn

    Hi Clearingman,

    Thanks for your post.

    I will get something put together soon.

    For now, you might like this:

    The article explains some of the points you have raised and has a protocol in it that works very effectively.

    Thing is, some changes are remarkably quick, but other changes may take a little longer. Some changes can happen with no more than a change of emotion. In fact, even without referencing PSTEC, most people will recognise times when they have just felt good (for no apparent reason) and it changes the whole.dynamic of their day.

    Emotions, beliefs and behaviour bind together, so a change in one of these can change the whole pattern. With PSTEC, you have the tools to neutralise unwanted emotions, eliminate beliefs and suggest certain behaviours. Changing one can change the other and sometimes it MAY take a bit longer if you have to take out emotions, beliefs and behaviours. I expect that any extra time spent on this will save you emotional energy in the future.

    Key thing is with PSTEC Positive is that the suggestions are compelling for you and that you can imagine them being part of your reality. It is very subtle indeed, which is why the Click Track “affect” is more obvious and the recommended starting point.

    You may even wish to sit with that for a while and just imagine how you will act and feel with “I can feel calm without cigarettes” being your absolute truth. It is another way to conceptualise the changes.

    If you have the Stop Smoking package, you could certainly run their CTs again. It might transpire the cravings are a 3 or 4, and you just need to “stub” (bad pun very much intended!) them out and get the rating down to a 0 or 1.

    Please keep me updated on how you get on.


    Paul  :D

    Thanks for the info paul!

    That was a good read. I'm sorry its a late reply again, things have been hectic again, but I have been meaning to reply.

    I have been trying a few interesting things with regard to smoking/vaping. I found this has really worked so far. Admittedly, things keep popping up here and there but I just work on it when it does, and keep releasing. So, over the last week or so when working on this, rather than just focus on how I feel about smoking itself I put the thing I want to work on right in front of me. I did various rounds of clicking, mainly with the accelerators and eefs. First time around, I did what I used to do years ago. I got the tobacco out, got the rizzla and filter, and rolled a cigarette up and then placed it out on the desk in front of me. At this point I had emotions surface so I click tracked on those emotions, then did it again and felt barely anything. Then I put the rollie between my index and middle finger and did the action of bringing it to my lips to take a drag. I stopped and ran the click tracks, until the emotions dropped in intensity. Then I took drags from the rollie (Obviously not lit up) with a lighter in my right hand, I ran the click tracks again with lighter in my hand and ciggy in my mouth, rather than tap with finger I made a fist and tapped with the bottom of my hand. I did this until the emotions had dropped. I also did the same thing with my vape gear, but just did the action of taking a drag from it etc.

    So far, I have barley bit into my lips. Like I said before, i get the odd snags here and there where I feel like I could do with having a smoke/vape or whatever but I just run the click tracks until it subsides. Hopefully, if anybody is having any issues with it they could maybe try what I did as it worked really well for me. I understand smoking can be quite a complex habit, I think it's just a case of being persistent with it really.

    I got the advanced audios and started getting my head into that, so found that very interesting. What do you think of Advanced audio 2? How does it compare with the first one?

    Thanks for everything Paul, Your a top guy :)