Reply To: TriangulatiON of beliefs

Brian Tucker

    FANTASTIC contribution! Thank you. :)

    I would add these to the mix. “Others should have respected me” “I've been disrespected” and/or “I haven't been respected”

    One thing I have found that works miracles with Belief Blasters is to run a clicktrack think of the belief(s) you will blast in a sesison and get EXTREMELY angry at the situation. Having a downright imaginary lunatic screaming fit both at the most extreme situation you can imagine and/or as far back as you can imagine and at yourself. CT down to a 1 or 0. Do the same frustration & impatience (can be done in the same run of the track) both at the extreme/past events around the belief and at yourself about the situation. I find this significantly weakens the belief and works amazing results.