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    Rowan Hasson
    PSTEC User

    Good day all.
    i have found what i feel to be a useful working axiom in regard of negative beliefs and their removal using Belief blasters and (if you choose to and have the will) PSTEC Negative, followed up PSTEC + .

    My example pertains to relationships of the romantic kind or of any kind for that matter.

    I have found that this trio of beliefs, and the following process can be very effective.

    First, using belief blasters, one after the other.

    Blast 'I have been rejected'
    Blast 'i have been ignored'
    Blast 'i have been jealous'

    im also toying with 'i have emotions but they are not me'

    If you want to be really thorough, then use PS – for

    'it is my belief that i have been rejected'
    'it is my belief that i have been ignored'
    'it is my belief that i am jealous '

    Dont forget to prime the pump with positive statements referring to times when you were clearly none of the above.

    After this use PS+ with any of the following suggestions or any that resonate with you.

    Every day in every way, im feeling better and better.
    Whatever happens i'll be OK.
    other peoples actions are their own (insert name if pertaining to someone specific)
    im making this effort, which proves i care about myself.
    i am loveable (and if you are feeling really good, I AM LOVE)

    I hope this can be of some guidance or help to anyone .

    In Light


    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

    FANTASTIC contribution! Thank you. :)

    I would add these to the mix. “Others should have respected me” “I've been disrespected” and/or “I haven't been respected”

    One thing I have found that works miracles with Belief Blasters is to run a clicktrack think of the belief(s) you will blast in a sesison and get EXTREMELY angry at the situation. Having a downright imaginary lunatic screaming fit both at the most extreme situation you can imagine and/or as far back as you can imagine and at yourself. CT down to a 1 or 0. Do the same frustration & impatience (can be done in the same run of the track) both at the extreme/past events around the belief and at yourself about the situation. I find this significantly weakens the belief and works amazing results.

    Paul McCabe
    PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Rowan,

    Thank you very much for that post. I meant to acknowledge this sooner.

    Please keep contributing, as these posts help a lot of people.

    For things like “I've been jealous”, I check in with when someone feels/felt jealous and CT the jealousy. Jealousy tends to show up when people feel threatened or when they perceive that someone is depriving them of something they want…or thriving in some way when they feel they are not doing so themselves.

    With the beliefs, it can help some people to use the counterexamples.

    For example, “Your relationship ending does not mean YOU were rejected. Your ex just wanted to move on”, “Your ex was rejecting the situation and not you”, or “Your parents just didn't know how to help you feel wanted. They weren't rejecting you.”

    Thanks again, Rowan.


    Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

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    Rowan Hasson
    PSTEC User

    Thank you Paul. Indeed your methodology is the best sequential way to work though things, with users doing their best to separate and divide up feelings, emotions, beliefs and behaviours so as to utilise the best available tools.

    All the best sunshine )

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