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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Rowan,

    Thank you very much for that post. I meant to acknowledge this sooner.

    Please keep contributing, as these posts help a lot of people.

    For things like “I've been jealous”, I check in with when someone feels/felt jealous and CT the jealousy. Jealousy tends to show up when people feel threatened or when they perceive that someone is depriving them of something they want…or thriving in some way when they feel they are not doing so themselves.

    With the beliefs, it can help some people to use the counterexamples.

    For example, “Your relationship ending does not mean YOU were rejected. Your ex just wanted to move on”, “Your ex was rejecting the situation and not you”, or “Your parents just didn't know how to help you feel wanted. They weren't rejecting you.”

    Thanks again, Rowan.


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