Reply To: PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo

Eamon Doherty

    Hi Paul/guys had a we read through the description thought the price was great so decided to grab quantum turbo. First thoughts and also I'll share how I used the tracks. Truly brilliant for a start that's what it's like to begin with. Personally I cleared an emotion then blasted a negative feeling towards becoming successful then used quantum turbo to instill. “I truly deserve to become successful” Tim mentions imagining the power word's lighting up or highlighting I did listen and follow his instructions ? although I'd like to add I was clenching my fists and although I was only miming I was acting as if I was almost screaming from the top of my voice when I came across the power word within the sentence. Let's be clear I was loose with the hands and softly speaking every other word in the sentence then i clenched my fists and really highlighted the chosen power word. This felt very powerful I hope people understand what I mean plus Paul I'd love your thoughts on this also other tools are of course great but this feels like a different level entirely. ???