Reply To: PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo

Rowan Hasson

    Morning All.

    id like to add some useful additions to the methodology of using this system.
    Adding colour , shimmer, sparkle to the key word each time can (in an NLP kind of way) potentially add something to the effectivity. Also, imagining the key word extra large in the Hollywood hills, or on a beach, or in the clouds in HUGE form can really ram it home.

    As with the other Pstec + systems, clearing the path first is essential, in order to make room for incoming traffic.
    For example, a new user should always begin with a bottom up process , as in go back as far as possible to the psycho-emotional garbage that initially sensitised one to the problem feelings and emotions.

    As insights emerge, begin to loosen and destroy negatively held beliefs and mental frameworks that can limit growth using belief blasters.

    Finally, move onto PSTEC+ and remember, one needs to reach tipping point on a subconscious level, ie needs to reach a point where a possible lifetime of negatively input data can be counter balanced enough to tip the scales the other way.
    Our brains see things in black and white, positive and negative, and need to be worked up toward tipping to a light and uplifting perspective/belief.

    Whilst I AM LOVE may be the single most powerful PSTEC+ statement, if we are coming off the back of a lifetime of downbeat, self hatred and negativity, our subconscious mind will outright reject such a statement and your efforts may well lack impact .
    Be realistic, be gentle, accept that it is a process of reprogramming and entrainment., which cannot be quantified time wise.

    Enjoy the journey Pstec people. x