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Paul McCabe
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    Great contributions, everyone.

    Thank you.

    Ed23, I like the way you have engaged with the track, as emotional engagement tends to make a really big difference with PSTEC Positive – so you are not just going through the motions. Feeling good about the suggestion is, in my experience, very helpful. If it's just “I guess that would be OK”, it isn't “resonant” enough.

    Brian and Rowan, really thought-provoking stuff too. I would typically go along with what Rowan is suggesting, but I do think it largely depends on the individual, issue or context.

    For instance, if someone was 10 mins late to work every day (behaviour), you could look at their personal history, feelings, beliefs etc. and eliminate the pattern. This is, of course, the thorough approach

    Alternatively, someone could simply use PP to layer in “From now on, I will be 15 minutes early for work”

    This may be enough to change the behaviour and eliminate certain beliefs about work, self-sufficiency etc.

    Ultimately, there are so many ways to reach the same or similar destination, which is great really  :D


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